Section II - Uniforms


[Duty Uniform] Contrary to popular Jihaddi opinion, uniforms (in the case of the Jihad) were not adopted for and not meant to curb the sense of the soldier's indivuality. Taking the Jihad's Cause[tm] in consideration would make such an implementation rather hypocritical. Rather, the uniform serves a purpose the average soldier would be rather thankful of: quick visual recognition so your buddy does not shoot you dead. In a combat situation, where tension and adrenaline is running high, the uniform offers a fast means of identification in a situation where the first instinct is to shoot anything that is carrying a weapon.

The standard duty uniform for the TRES Corps consists of a muted gray tunic worn over a light mock-turtleneck-style T-shirt (in the warmer months), or a full turtleneck sweater (in the cooler months). Muted gray cargo-style trousers are worn in conjunction with the aforementioned combination. The tunic is trimmed in the appropriate squad's primary colors, as are the trousers, and the undershirt is composed of the secondary color. Both the tunic and the undershirts bear the squad seal on the left shoulder, and the TRES Corps crest on the right.

Squad colors are as follows:

[Squad Colors]

  • Alpha Squadron: Blue, Gold
  • Kappa Squadron: Red, Yellow
  • Omega Squadron: Forest Green, Light Blue
  • Chi Squadron: Brown, Silver
  • Zeta Squadron: Blue, White

* As Jihad members hold their individuality most dear, TRES Corps personnel, particulary higher-ranking officers, are encouraged, not required, to wear full duty uniform while operating during on-duty hours. Optional methods of wearing the uniform consist of discarding the tunic and wearing only the shirt/trousers combination, or only the trousers, etc. The minimal uniform requirements when on duty consist of the officer's squad identification patch, and rank insignia, both of which displayed AT ALL TIMES. Civilian clothing containing the squad colors is also encouraged to be used in combination with these.

[BDU] Battle dress consists of standard military-issue fatigues, with the standard squad identification patch (in muted colors) worn on the left shoulder, and the TRES Corps crest (also muted) worn on the right. Rank insignia are clipped to the lapels of the duty shirt, or to the neck of the mock-turtleneck shirt worn underneath. When armor is worn, the breastplate is marked with squad colors for easy identification.

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