Section III - Rank Insignia & Command Structure

Rank Insigna

Rank is an important aspect of day-to-day military life. It defines the command structure. While TRES Corps officers often hold somewhat informal relationships with their subordinates, and are not often known to "pull rank", it is important to learn to recognize the insignia which designate the various levels of authority.

Rank insignia are displayed as any combination of the following: Rank pins, shoulder stripes, sleeve stripes. As per the Uniform Code, rank insignia must be worn AT ALL TIMES by on-duty personnel above Recruit. The minimal insignia requirement consists of rank pins worn at the collar; other means of rank identification are implemented in the standard duty uniform.

The ranking system within the Corps is loosely based on the Naval ranking system. Ranks, and the appropriate insignia are as follows:

RankPin InsigniaSleeve InsigniaShoulder Insignia
(Winter Duty)
RecruitNo InsigniaNo InsigniaNo Insignia
The TRES Corps ranking system goes slightly askew when it comes to non-commission officer ranks. In the TRES system, the rank of Ensign is the highest non-commissioned rank a Corps member can hold. This differs with the more traditional system, where the rank is reserved as the lowest commission grade.
Junior Grade
Rear Admiral
Traditionally, ranks between and up to Lieutenant Commander and Rear Admiral see service as a squad's Executive Officer.
Vice Admiral
Grand Admiral

Author's note: It should be noted that the Player-Characters largely comprise the upper ranks of the TRES Corps. For the most part, the non-Player-Character portion of the Corps is composed mostly of recruits and ensigns.

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