A word from Admiral Kirk Felton, Second-In-Command

Congratulations on your enlistment to the Corps! May your service for the Cause[tm] with us have many years and few casualties!

Contained within these pages is hopefully all of the information a roleplay character in the Corps could need. Bear in mind that this will perpetually be a work in progress, updates as needed, so if you find something missing that you think should be added, e-mail me at with the information that you think should be included. I hope this proves useful to potential roleplayers; it was a good source of amusement for myself.

--DarkSide/Admiral Felton

A note to the more reality-challenged: Any information provided hereforth is written as if the reader is an actual paramilitary officer. TRES Corps is NOT a real organization, and if you think it is as such, you could really use some therapy. Thanks.

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