TRES Corps Current Personnel List
Maintained by Grand Admiral Felton
Current Personnel List (as of 10/03/02):

Name Squad Mail the Void Nick Name(s)
Grand Admiral Felton CO Omega Nemesis the Feral (NYAR!)
Admiral Davies, 2nd in Command CO Alpha Azrael, Hippie
Admiral J-Rock, 3rd in Command CO Kappa Slider the Feral (NYAR!)
Admiral Keith CO Chi none
Admiral Svartalf CO Zeta Dark Elf
Rear Admiral Brenner XO Alpha katster, Katze
Captain Cyohtee XO Kappa Cthulu
Captain Houben XO Zeta Dwagon/couch, Shadur
Lt Comm Mahtash XO Omega nexxus, Ari
Lt Comm Merkman XO Chi Syxx, Jeracho
Lt Comm Nakao Chi Gold Moon
Lt Comm Schneider Alpha Puppeteer
Lt Comm Stevens Kappa none
Lt KillJoy Omega none
Lt Heard Alpha Guadalupe
Lt McCourd Chi none
Lt Schiller Chi MacRae
Lt Wallace Kappa Lord of Monkies and PR
Lt JG Keili Omega none
Ensign Cygnata Chi none
Ensign Rhino Zeta none
Ensign Taniara Alpha Catalyst
Ensign Uplink Kappa none
Ensign Waddell Zeta none
Ensign Wolfe Chi none
Recruit Hurley Chi none

Temporary Inactive Personnel

Name Squad Mail the void Nickname Status
Cdr Mordrid Zeta none MIA
Lt Misha Omega none Dead Acct
Lt Osborn Alpha Petrus Dead Acct

Long-term Inactive Personnel

Patriarch Lord Tilden Owsen none Jace the Feral (NYAR!)
Commodore Shahrazad none She of Mint
Commander Mysterium none none none
In the course of the Corps' history, may people have come and gone. Our Personnel History details those who have been in this organization before and since moved to other things. For those wishing to know more about us, this is a good introduction to the historic human side of our organization.

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