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[Appendix 1: Historical Figures]

?The Leaders of TRES?

- David Greenbaum: founder of TRES, used his organization as leverage for appearing important in ab4d. He achieved some level of recognition through his continuous posts and eventually warmed to the idea of working with the Jihad. He passed control of TRES on after less than a year.

- Wayne Syvinski: founder of The Ancient Guild of Jihaddi Philosophers, controlled TRES for a matter of days before handing it off.

- Lord Tilden Owsen: founder of TRES Corps, created our modern org as an attempt to get Wayne to see the value of compromise over the military vs. philosophy arguments in the Jihad. Following Wayne's debacle (see the Jihad FAQ for details), Owsen declared TRES Corps an autonomous entity from Wayne's organization. Owsen lead his organization for a few months before passing authority to a young recruit named J. FoxGlov.

- J. FoxGlov: joined in January of 1995 and quickly became the default leader of TRES Corps. He made it a priority to recruit articulate members, stress the importance of communication, and the value of logic in interactions. Under J's guidance, TRES Corps evolved from a neo-tribal entity to a JAO with a legitimate, substantial membership that made its presence felt in the Jihad. He recruited a promising newbie in June of 1995 named CyberPyro. By September, J... found this recruit to be an invaluable assistant. J. took a leave from the Jihad in February of 1996 for personal reasons.

- CyberPyro: joined under J. FoxGlov and assumed leadership of TRES when J went on leave. He continued to guide TRES in a manner similar to J's. FoxGlov jointly lead TRES Corps with him from April of 1996 until September of 1997 when he retired. CP continued to lead the Corps with the assistance of DarkSide, J-Rock, Svartalf, and Melanie Davies until January of 1999 when he retired from all JAO activities except for the Maenads and bestowed the title of Grand Admiral upon Melanie Davies.

?Other Historical Figures?

- Preface: In listing historical figures in TRES, the meaning is not to eclipse everyone else who has been a member and simply mention a few select pplz. Rather, those who came first into the author's mind were written about. Future revisions will add those who were mistakenly omitted.

- DarkSide: Joined sometime in the Spring of 1996. Dubbed the Art Slave[tm] for his tireless production of artwork, DS rose quickly through the ranks as he demonstrated strong dedication, clear reasoning, and a sharp wit. He currently leads Omega Squadron and is 2nd in Command of TRES.

- Doug Corti: Recruited in the Fall of 1995. Doug drew J's attention after lurking for a complete year before posting a stellar review of "Barney & Friends" to ab4d. He rose steadily through the ranks and became an Admiral in charge of Delta Squadron in the Summer of 1996. Known for his presence on ab4d and concern for real life matters, he has been sorely missed since his retirement in the Fall of 1997 due to academic time constraints.

- Hamsterrific Dragon: Recruited in the Winter of 1995 by J. FoxGlov, Hamster earned a reputation as an honest critic unafraid to voice his opinions. He always seemed to speak up at the right times, giving pause to hasty action and tempering responses. Many learned from him and still miss him to this day. He took an indefinite leave of absence in the Fall of 1997.

- J-Rock: Recruited into the Jihad by the High Prophet and one of the very first members of TRES Corps, J-Rock joined at Owsen's request and quickly made a name for himself. Known as the "Ayatollah of Rock'n'Rolla," J-Rock seems to have a song for every occasion. His flames, though rare, are devastating to their target and quite humorous for everyone else to read. He's also known as the Slayer of Gerry-Bot, a program unleashed by practical joker to harass ab4d's readers. He currently serves as an Admiral and leader of Kappa Squadron.

- Matt Korth: Recruited in Winter of 1995, Matt made himself known both for humor and clear reason. One his specialties was laying bear the logical fallacies of UseNet trolls so everyone could witness their stupidity and laugh. He is retired and is working towards his Masters degree in Computer Science.

- Melanie Davies: Recruited in the Spring of 1996, Melanie has shown herself to be one of the UK's finest. She's friendly, amicable, and quite pleasant to speak with both on ab4d and in private mail. When ticked off, she can level some of the most devastating flames and retorts in the Jihad. She currently holds the position of Grand Admiral of TRES.

- Shahrazad: Recruited in the Summer of 1996, Shah quickly became a one- woman human relations department. Obsessed with mint in all flavors, Shah produced art work, stories, many posts to ab4d, and a good deal of mirth with everyone she spoke. She is currently inactive.

- Svartalf: Recruited the Summer/Fall of 1995, Svartalf has gained a reputation for austere adherence to logic and criticism on ab4d. His technical interests have seen him lead Zeta Squadron as TRES Corps' director of R&D. His current rank is Admiral.

[ End Appendix 1 ]

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