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Frequently Asked Questions File v2.5 (Last Update: 09/99)
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[ Footnotes ]


    It is important to note the obvious oxymoron the existence of TRES Corps created within the Guild, as the militarist wing of a non militant organization.


    According to the last known copy of The Guild's FAQ:

    "TRES is subject to the directives of the Guild Elder Council, and, upon GEC authorization, the Philosopher-General. However, TRES has its own field command staff (The TRES Admiralty) and plans its operations itself. TRES subscribes to all the tenets and regulations in The Guild FAQ, non militarist provisions excepted."


    J. FoxGlov served as the effective Grand Admiral from his early days of TRES Corps, though he never had the title. He stepped down for personal consideration in February of 1996 when then-Admiral Marburger assumed the position of 2nd in Command and, implicitly, Grand Admiral.
nbsp;   J left the Jihad in the winter of 1997 for personal reasons. So long Vulpine, you will be missed.


    To some small extent, J was a friend and confidante of s*rp. At the very least, J's methods of action had some steadying effects on an otherwise loose cannon on deck.
    When s*rp missed the point and attempted to take over the Jihad for personal gain, J nuked the kid into obscurity and authored the Corollary Ethos to prevent such things from happening again. Full details and reasons can be found in the standard Jihad FAQ.


    Ethos section of the Jihad Web[tm] or Ethos Sections of the TRES Corps Squadron homepages.


    This from actual episode where b'harnii encouraged children to capture insects, bees included, in their hands. Shockingly, the script writers never bothered to consider some children are fatally allergic to these stings.


    If the author remembers things properly, here is how things break down for the most recent seven operations. All errors are the author's.

Operation: Originator: Generous contributions:
Phoenix CyberPyroDE,Maenads,LoD,MAUL,Evil Geniuses
Pacifica CyberPyro DE,Maenads,Chosen of Khorne,VR
Cairo Samhain (GA Marburger as editor/co-DM)
Home Front Aphrodite/Will Keith DE, TRES, VR
Ate Melanie Davies (Think this is only TRES ppl so far)
Tenderfoot Taniara,Schneider VR,DE
Marraketh Katster VR, TRES


    Corps members' activity is only limited by what they choose not to do. Other examples: Quake programming, art work, CGI programming, HTML writing, et. al.


    It seems reasonable to assume that TRES Corps cannot operate in an overt manner without alarming a great number of people. After all, how would you react if your neighbors were a mixed group of bizarre humans and fantastic aliens wielding futuristic technology to combat unholy monsters that shouldn't exist.
    Generally, we'd cause a riot just by Existing, so we remain hidden from prying eyes.


    One might find it ironic that a JAO with a very small number of naval vessels would use a ranking system designed for a Navy. We do possess a modest space fleet where it is applicable however.


    Generally speaking, creativity and originality should be foremost in your creative efforts. It's highly unlikely anyone will appreciate a rip- off of Star Wars, Star Trek, or any other media passed as your own.


    This stated policy is different from the historical, open-ended one of the Corps. The reason for this was fairly simple when one looked at the actual memberships of JAOs.
nbsp;   For example, using fictitous numbers:

40 members 30 members 20 members 10 members 14 members
5 from DE 4 from TRES 14 from TRES 4 from TRES 8 from TRES
35 original 26 original 5 from DE 4 from DE 4 from DE
        1 founder 1 founder 1 founder
            1 original 1 original

    What should be very clear is that JAOs, emphasis on the A for Autonomous, are simply recycling membership between groups with no real growth in the Jihad. As well, there is little human substance to what amounts to derivative organizations from their Doberman or TRES parents -- activity is split between orgs and cross-members often found themselves inactive and unfocused in the disorganization.
    To paraphrase Councillor Nexxus of the Verthandic Rangers:

    "I refused membership to all TRES people when they flocked to VRDET like mice to fresh cheese. I wanted my own membership base, not someone else's."

    As well, one can correctly perceive unfocused cross-JAO membership as eroding the foundations of autonomous organizations within the Jihad. Put another way, the only real reasons someone has to join another organization is that a) it will enable them to do something infeasible in their current org, or b) membership in another org is offered as an honor or commendation for their activity.
    In role-play, TRES does not concern itself with the priesthood or being a pure philosopher, though we often defend them, so a member seeking greater understanding of the mysteries of Saint Dino or Saint Grimace would be open to pursue such. Also, a member who values the sword but prefers the ways of the philosopher would be free to seek out the Sages. Similarly, if a member's name were found writ in the Book of Ferality, they would be free to join the Maenads.
    Otherwise, most anything is covered inside of the Corps.

[ End of Footnotes ]

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