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Frequently Asked Questions File v2.5 (Last Update: 09/99)
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[ Section 3: The Role-play and The Fantasy ]

?What does TRES Corps do?

    As an organization, we maintain a strong presence on UseNet in, alt.barney.dinosaur.die.die.die, and The posting topics vary greater, but little goes uncommented by Corps members.
    The World Wide Web is area of continuing TRES efforts. Many members have put up pages with episode reviews, fiction, ethos, character profiles, art work, or just about anything related to b'harnii.
    As mentioned earlier, fiction writing is another area of activity for the Corps. Seven of the past seven operations in the Jihad have either originated from our membership or have been contributed to by our members: Phoenix, Pacifica, Home Front, Cairo, Ate, Tenderfoot and Marraketh. The reader will note at the time of writing, not all of these operations have been posted[7].
    There are many more areas of activity. In the interest of brevity, they have been omitted[8].

?Tell me more about the Corps?

    In the Jihad Universe we are a large, influential organization that operates covertly behind the veils of Mundania[9]. We maintain a full research and development facility controlled by Zeta Squadron. The branch of the Corps has produced numerous technological gadgets for our use such as: the Puffer[tm], Gemini Cannon, FireBomb Rifle[tm], TRES Corps Space Fleet, Nemesis BattleArmor, and many more items.
    Corps members are able to operate in every environment. However, as an organization, we tend to concentrate on Land and Space warfare. We possess a minimal navy, and often rely on the Doberman Empire for assistance in naval theatres[10]. The aerial theatres are jointly shared by the DE and TRES.
    Our membership is multiracial both in terms of humanity and species. There are a few aliens and drop-ins from other dimensions living among us, but most members are human, though possibly altered in some way.
    In the arena of land warfare, TRES personnel range in technique from swords and medieval methods, to tanks, to BattleArmor, to 'mechs and other futuristic vehicles. Obviously, our space fleet is the realm of sci-fi; we tend not to use it as much in stories since b'harnii's interest in space is somewhat limited.
    Our areas of activity are pretty open to whatever members wish to involve themselves with -- presence or lack thereof in this FAQ is *not* a strict limitation on what someone can do in the role-play universe[11].

?Can I be a ________ in the Corps?

    The general answer is "Yes." Characters need to make sense and fit in with the overall theme of the Corps and Jihad Universe 2.0. Playing an omnipotent deity isn't much fun or very interesting, so you wouldn't fit in. Being something like a mage is fine, so is a vampire, trans-dimensional visitor, werewolf, normal human, an alien, anthromorph, or whatever fits in and makes sense while staying within the limits defined for JU2.0 at
    We are interested primarily in Earth and its people. Dragging us off to far-away solar systems to fight some super sci-fi battle with an alien race isn't going to get very far with people as it's not topic. Likewise, spinning threads about your fave video game, novel, tv show, or whatever isn't going to work b/c we're not interested in it.
    In a nutshell, we're members of the Jihad to Destroy Barney, not the Jihad to [fill in the blank with whatever]. See, simple. :)

?More readings?

    Archives of previous fiction involving the Corps can be found at as well as several sites scattered about the World Wide Web.

[ End of Section 3 ]

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