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Frequently Asked Questions File v2.5 (Last Update: 09/99)
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[ Section 2: The Philosophy ]

?Why Barney?

    Why not?

    More directly, this is a question best answered by our members' Ethos statements. They can be found at both and [5].

?Why object at all?

    The most commonly sited reason for objection is the belief that "Barney & Friends" is harmful to children. At the least, it presents questionable material to young, gullible children who may not know that trying to catch bees with their hands or paper cups is an unsafe activity[6].
    On a more psychological perspective, others are concerned how the show will impact development of social, emotional, and intellectual skills. As well, an "educational" show being so vacuous in content is clearly abhorrent to anyone, especially when it's thinly disguised marketing segments.

?Why this method?

    Since everyone in the Corps is an internet user, such as it can be considered, acting in this medium is natural and appropriate. Satire through role-play is often a sort of personal entertainment for oneself and others.
    Writing in a formal manner, such as episode reviews, is a "real life" way of objecting and spreading information. Others often find these useful and archive them across the web.
    We organize ourselves in a pseudo-military fashion because it is the default method in the Jihad. Why exactly this theme is a default across organizations is too broad of a question for this document.

?More Readings?

    Links to various resources can be found at the TRES Corps homepage and Jihad Web. URLs are listed earlier in this FAQ.

[ End of Section 2 ]

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